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Eliz or Lizzy || Canadian || Amature Artist || Soon-to-be Novelist
OC Creator || Fandom Creator || Gaming Geek || Manga Lover

Welcome to my page. I currently focus on things such as RP Groups on dA (at the moment only dAfter-Story and soon-to-be Arcem-Alva) as well as fandom's, mainly game revolving and less anime revolving... taking a break from that. Currently getting into the Lion King/Lion Guard fandom of my own as well as a few other new fandom's I want to get into but mainly for my own sake and interest and less involvement with the community.

There isn't much to show currently and current artworks posted on my account isn't drawn by me and are permission-ed repost commission's/gifts of my RP OCs that are done by xYorutenshi and Tsukihii. I am currently trying to improve my art skills and eventually start posting them onto my account in regards to RP groups on dA as well as self fandom interests in a few game fandom's I enjoy. Occasionally might be doing some fanarts for some games and other fandom's I love... and won't be taking any requests in regards for them at this time, sorry.

Enjoy you're stay and welcome help and guidance to my ever-so-improving art skills!

I currently mainly focus on my created fandom OCs for series such as Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and Sengoku BASARA. I am seeking to create, for fun, fandom OCs for Shadow of Mordor (LoTR realm), possibly The Witcher series (unsure of timeline generation gap for my OC) and The Lion Guard series (possible next-gen Lion Guard) cause nice practice for animal anatomy, even if its Lion King style art or similar original style.

Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games, Warriors Orochi games, Lion King movies and Lion Guard series, Futurama and The Simpson's series, Star Wars series, Lord of the Rings plus The Hobbit movies and Shadow of Mordor game, The Witcher games, Red Dead Redemption game, The Sims games, Stronghold games, Age of Empires games, Space Colony game, Cossacks games... and many more

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C l o s e s t s . F r i e n d s

:iconxyorutenshi: :iconxcleverfox: :iconjinjoohat: :iconwatolf: :iconblublazefire0: :iconbynsair: :iconzu-sushi: :icontsukihii: :iconchibiemii: :iconmyanghime: :icongrace-zed: :iconnarubuki: :iconmoonlight-hour: :icondory888: :iconcrispygray: :iconniekorin: :iconfah-renheit:

C u r r e n t . O b s e s s i o n

B e s t . O f . L i o n . K i n g



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Pay here for adoptables/YCH/Auctions, thanks! :'D

Also, any donations is always welcome, in any amount given :)

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W o r k i n g . O n . P r e s e n t l y

Commissions by ArbuzoweArchiwum Soon by ArbuzoweArchiwum || [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by StarriiChan
Requests by ArbuzoweArchiwum Closed by ArbuzoweArchiwum || [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Sketched) by StarriiChan
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Collabs by ArbuzoweArchiwum for friends by ArbuzoweArchiwum || [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Coloring) by StarriiChan
Gifts by ArbuzoweArchiwum for friends by ArbuzoweArchiwum || [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Posted) by StarriiChan

Odd Stuff

+ N/A than Lion King stuff

For Other's (CM/RQ/Gift/AT/Collabs)

+ Super freakin late SS Gift for someone---//pap
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by StarriiChan

RP Stuff

+ Currently on Haitus from RP group stuff

Fandom Stuff

+ Fixing up design of Lion Cub Abasi (Practice OC)
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by StarriiChan
+ Drawing/Designing Lion Cub Alika (Practice OC)
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by StarriiChan
+ Drawing Lion Cubs Abasi and Alika together
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by StarriiChan

N o . N o ' s

You are not allowed to:

:bulletred: Compare my OCs to anyone elses's OCs or even to Canon Character's
:bulletred: Complain to me anything related to The Lion King when I release fanarts, my fan comic(s), my OC artworks or OC fanart's for other's
:bulletred: Bitch and complain on my artworks about anything related to canon's and your "fan theories" on how you believe should be "right" according to you... (I know a lot about them and respect them but don't want to hear it on my artworks, thank you)
:bulletred: Ask to use my characters for RPs or anything else cause I won't be giving permission for it, that includes uploading my stuff to your accounts or other fansites
:bulletred: I don't allow you to steal my OCs or any type of artworks and claiming it as your own or using it for rps or fan stories, cause I won't be tolerating it
:bulletred: Ask to use my artworks as bases or traced references cause it's not creative or tolerated
:bulletred: Ask for gifts from me, requests, commissions, trades or collabs when I have them closed or reserved for friends and trusted watchers only
:bulletred: Ask me for custom's when I am closed for commissions
:bulletred: Ask for trades for future adoptables cause I have no use for them
:bulletred: Complain about my prices for adoptables, auctions, YCH's or anything related unless I specifically state if they're negotiable
:bulletred: Ask to RP with me unless I am open for them (mainly only open for RPs for groups I belong to on dA that are mainly hooman related and not animals)
:bulletred: Ask me to join groups or make OCs for your groups or fandom's cause I already got my hands full in a good amount of stuff as it is
:bulletred: Ask me to pair my OCs with yours or to see if they can be friends, I rather not go down that route again since I hardly keep them in tact for a long period of time (my attention for it loses fast and prefer to self-pair my OCs with my own OCs, sorry)
:bulletred: Unless my OCs belong to the same RP group(s) on dA, then possible pairings, friendships and rivalries are allowed but in fandoms? No

I am here on dA to have fun with fandoms, be with my online friends and making new ones. I like to see different fan stories of fandoms I belong to and/or respect from previous involvement (aka anime/manga fandoms). I have fandom's of my own than Lion King such as: Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Sengoku BASARA, and possible Katekyo Hitman Reborn and possibly Shadow of Mordor/Lord of the Rings... but they're for my own personal interest and not with the community to interact with via theories or oc interactions (unless accepted). I may or may not accept relationships with my OCs with anyone else's unless I decide it's ok and would experiment with it. I simply don't want to hear any fan theories of any fandom's I'm involved with or draw for, since neither I or any other fan's wish to read it (nor want argument's on my artworks). Please respect my decisions and opinions since I respect other's on it. I want to avoid drama and unnecessary stuff on dA cause I already dealt with this BS for too long on my old main acct with anime fandom's I've been in for 4 years.

D a f u q . C o r n e r


:iconlakey-finn: :iconmwiyumi: :iconbrainburstyuuji: :iconhasterlect: :iconskiyrak:


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